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The Changing Workplace: How To Manage Remote Revenue Teams Webinar

The world of work is constantly changing. For revenue teams, the current climate can feel like a complete overhaul of their work life, or for some a return to their days in field sales. 

Whether your team has always been remote or if you’re newly transitioning to a remote workforce, anxiety around team cohesion comes up. You’re probably asking yourself: Will my team lose sight of the goal? Are we going to miss small details that could ultimately lose a deal? How do I keep my team aligned and motivated?

In this webinar, we’ll discuss tactical strategies to keep your revenue team running smoothly.

You’ll walk away with:

  • Remote Team Management strategies for every part of your revenue org.
  • Motivational approaches to move your pipeline forward.
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly structures to keep your team aligned.

 March 26, 2020 | 11:00am-12:00pm PT


Win More Deals.  Coach Better.  Onboard Faster.

Get a first-hand look at how Chorus.ai has the potential to make your revenue team perform better by almost every metric.

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Natalie Severino

VP Marketing, Chorus.ai

Jeramee Waldum

VP Global Sales, Mavenlink

Jeramee Waldum, Vice President of Sales at Mavenlink

Jeramee is a seasoned sales leader with more than 14 years of experience in various roles ranging from individual contributor to leading global sales teams. In his six years at Mavenlink, he's grown the sales organization to over 60 employees in 4 locations globally.

Natalie Severino, VP Marketing at Chorus.ai

Natalie is the VP of Marketing for Chorus.ai. Passionate about elevating the craft of Sales and helping B2B sales professionals win more, Natalie enjoys writing and speaking about sales technologies and trends.

Natalie loves technology - she started her career at leading technology companies like Intuit, Logitech, and Trend Micro and then found a passion for building technology starts-ups at ClearSlide, getTalent and now Chorus. She oversees all of marketing and sales development for Chorus, including product marketing, demand generation and communications.

Randy DeHaan

Regional VP Sales, Chorus.ai

Randy DeHaan, Regional VP Sales at Chorus.ai

Randy is currently Regional Vice President at Chorus.ai. He's worked with hundreds of companies, empowering them to meet and exceed company goals, while creating scalable, repeatable processes. In his professional career, he has worn many hats, including: building sales teams, business development, managing end to end sales pipeline, customer success, and developing channel relationships.