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How to Counter Objections Over Calls & Emails to Book More Meetings


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Flip the Script "How to Handle Objections"

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This live workshop will cover how to handle tough objections with your prospects over the phone AND email to illicit more meaningful conversations and drive more quota-attainment as a result! Be sure to join us for a night of networking, content, and fun with other sales pros in the Boston area!

Head of Sales Development at Chorus.ai


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7:30 PM - 8:00PM


Meet fellow colleagues and leaders in the space

Flip the Script is a series of FREE sessions for Sales Reps & Sales Leaders (SDRs, BDRs, AEs, Full-Cycle AEs etc.) to gain insights on how to drive more quota, build a lethal sales organization, align sales with marketing, & solve some of the biggest challenges that face the sales community modern day.

Founded by Becc Holland (Head of Sales Development at Chorus.ai), they are open to ANYONE & EVERYONE that is looking for ways to continuously improve within sales (regardless of level), collaborate with other sales professionals in a meaningful way & who has a desire to grow.

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We’ll be covering how to counter popular & albeit dreaded objections, including:

October 30, 2019

October 30, 2019